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Diamond Head Wine

Diamond Head Wine

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Original Duke Champion Kahanamoku by cisco. This pattern is the most famous for a Hawaiian shirt. Montgomery Clift wears it at the last scene of the movie From Here To Eternity. It is a texture and the feel almost same as an original shirt with 100% rayon.

Montgomery Clift is wearing in the scene being shot at the end. I think this pattern is that once saw that there is a Hawaiian shirt if you like. Pattern it is a popular place. I remember it was a shame, not the discharge was issued a reprint or anything by this pattern. Was able to reprint this time of uncertainty is a joy because I thought someday I want to do this pattern means. There was considerable variation of color at that time as well. Because this pattern such as horizontal part of the fabric can take is limited, the cost will be higher than the overall pattern also aloha shirts, and requires sophisticated technology also dyed sewing.

This is classic 1940’s reproduction rayon Hawaiian shirt which has a navy base color and features a really cool red , and light blue horizontal print through out the whole shirt. The shirt has one left pattern patch pocket and a loop collar. I’ve collected Hawaiian shirts for the last 20 years The print, feel and fit to this shirt is exactly as those shirts worn in the 40’s and 50’s. These shirts are made and printed in limited numbers so don’t delay on making this one yours and at a fraction of the price of the original.

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