Land of Aloha 2015 Brown

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Land of Aloha 2015; this one hasn’t been released in Japan, yet as well. This is going to be on market next spring. This is my second time working on this design. I produced shirts of this design 4 years ago, but it became dead stock. This time, I produced Land of Aloha 2015 with new different color patterns in order to answer numerous requests from newer aloha shirts fans. I chose color patterns of this one out of one of vintage Land of Aloha from 1950’s that I own, using 17 colors. This is a unique patterns that can only be printed by Japanese printing techniques. The base color of the shirts is brown. The classic atmosphere is the style of the shirts. The definition of the title, “Land of Aloha”, is a description of life style of Hawaiian people. This luxurious design attracts people’s eyes.

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