Lei, Ukulele, Liner Blue


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My original design that is combination of a famous design of Franc Mackintosh and a very rare, vintage post card of Matson that I own. I surrounded ukuleles and Matson ships with leis made of hibiscus flowers. It is creating a nostalgic impression to this shirts. The original motif of the design was produced by Franc Mackintosh back to 80 years from now, which completely shifted the image of Hawaiian Island that were given through monochrome films before war. This design is an amazing work.

The blue-base was very difficult to make since blue color could stand out too much sometimes. However, this blue is not too quiet and not too loud, it turned out perfect. The contrast of blue color on base and yellow color of Lei is incredible, too. I would love to go on a luxury liner in this shirt – or it could be a nice steak house. This is a kind of shirt that makes you want to go out to city night life in it.

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