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Pineapple 2015 Black

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2015 model has arrived. They are not released in Japan, yet. They are going to be sold at Mens’ section of Isetan, on 7th floor from Golden Week (2015 May 2nd – 6th) in Japan -The popular design with pineapple pattern. Original shirts were produced from DUKE KAHANAMOKU BY CISCO in early 1950’s. This is the reproduction of the one of the earliest vintage aloha shirts.

This is my 5th times to make a reproduction of Pineapple, however, this one is completely different from other ones. I produced color patterns that are different than cannot be found in original colors. I gave a good deal of thought to this orange color pattern. There is a black & pink pattern in original shirts. And I brought this orange thinking about the original color pattern. It took me a lot to find the orange color I was looking for. When I saw how it turned out as a shirt, I grinned by the noble atmosphere the color was creating in the shit. I believe this shirts will give a great impact when they lined up at the store.

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