Are your products really Made in Hawaii?

Yes we take pride in our Aloha shirts, we started Kona Bay with the mission to craft Aloha shirts the way they were originally made - Bringing high quality Japanese rayon fabric and manufacturing locally on the islands of Hawaii. Sadly many other labels no longer do this and make their shirts outside of Hawaii. When you buys a Kona Bay shirt, you are buying a slice of Hawaiian culture and supporting a local Hawaiian business.



What is the sizing and fit like on your Aloha shirts?

We make our shirts to a classic aloha shirt proportion, they are designed to be worn in a relaxed fit. If you want a more fitted look you might want to go a size down from your regular size. To be sure about sizing, please see the measurements below and compare them to one of your favorite shirts you own.

XXS 16" 37"
XS 16.5" 40"
S 18" 42"
M 19" 47"
L 20" 48"
XL 21" 52"
2XL 22" 58"
3XL 23" 59"
4XL 23.5" 59"
​ ​
XXS 10" 24"
XS 10" 23.5" 24.5"
S 10" 24" 26"
M 10.6" 25" 29"
L 11.5" 26" 29.5"
XL 11.5" 26" 30.5"
2XL 11.8" 31.5"



Some of these designs look familiar… 

Many of our designs are based on classic prints from the ‘golden era of the Hawaiian shirt’ where we accurately recreate out-of-copyright designs. We take the designs from KC’s personal vintage collection and restore colors to what they would have originally looked like when they were new. This way you can wear a vintage aloha shirt design as a new and accurate reproduction.



I want to learn more about Aloha Shirts. 

We recommend the book The Aloha Shirt by Dale Hope. You can currently get the beautiful updated version published Patagonia, or get one of the out-of-print signed versions from Dale Hope’s website.



Do you have a physical store?

Yes, we have a physical store in Waikiki on the island of Oahu. 



Do you sell vintage aloha shirts?

Our founder KC has an enormous collection of vintage shirts and we sell a small exclusive collection of them on our Etsy store.



Can I purchase your shirts wholesale?

Yes we welcome wholesale orders, just get in touch.